Generic Floodlit Stadium With Baseball


Kearns, Utah

July 28 - Aug 1 2023


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Americas Top amateur baseball players from across the country


Eight regional teams play in a six-day showcase in Utah. Scouts, recruiters, and fans from across the state attend the event.


July 28 - Aug 1, 2023


Gates Field, 5525 S Cougar Lane, Salt Lake City, UT


$5 Day Pass

21 games

6 days

1 Champion

-No sunflower seeds at the field

-There will be no pre game

-Home team will occupy 1st base dugout (Marshalls will always use 1st base dugout)

-Please enter dugouts from stairs on each side of stadium.

-There will be a time limit of no new inning after 3:10 on pool play games. We will finish that inning. 2:00 on Thursdays games.

-No time limit in bracket play.

-Tie games in pool play will be played out until time limit, then a tie game will be the result.

-Tie games in bracket play will play one extra inning - then will go to international tie breaker.

-Mercy rule is 10 after 5.

-NCAA College Baseball Rules will be enforced

Pre game Hitting in tunnel:

Designated Home Team 1:30 before gametime

Designated Visitors 1:00 before gametime

Bracket Play:

Higher Seed will be home


white chocolate box

Pool play tiebreakers:

1) Head to head

2) runs allowed per inning defended

3) runs scored per inning on offense (max of +10)

4) back to head to head if only two teams left

5) coin flip

*Only in pool games count towards seeding


July 28

10:30am LV Gamblers vs SF Seals (@SLCC)

1:30pm Idaho Catch vs AK Goldpanners

4:30pm UCL Stars vs San Diego Waves

7:30pm Gameday Angels vs Utah Marshalls

Red Sale Label


Coz Green

*Games are 9 innings unless noted


July 29

9:30am Sand Diego Waves vs LV Gamblers

12:30pm Idaho Catch vs Utah Marshalls

4:30pm AKGoldpanners vs Gameday Angels

7:30pm UCL Stars vs SF Seals

Red Sale Label


Coz Green

*Games are 9 innings unless noted


July 30

9:30am Gameday Angels vs UCL Stars

12:00pm Idaho Catch vs SF Seals

2:30pm AK Goldpanners vs LV Gamblers

5:00pm Utah Marshalls vs San Diego Waves

8:00pm Home Run Derby

Red Sale Label


Coz Green

*Non Pool 7 Inning games


July 31

9:00am Gameday Angels vs Idaho Catch

12:00pm Sand Diego Waves vs SF Seals

4:00pm UCL Stars vs LV Gamblers

7:00pm Utah Marshalls vs AK Goldpanners

Red Sale Label


Coz Green

*Games are 9 innings unless noted


August 1

10:00am Gameday Angels vs UCL Stars (7)

12:30pm LV Gamblers vs Goldpanners (7)

4:00pm (10am Winner) vs Marshalls (9)

7:00pm (12:30 Winner) vs SD Waves(9)

Red Sale Label


Coz Green


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